Handbell Music

The descant of "I am a Child of God" found HERE (we colored in the notes to match our bell sets with corresponding letters/numbers as an activity)

A complementary accompaniment (I call "chords") to "Mother, I Love You" found HERE

Just a little bell accent to "Daddy's Homecoming" found HERE

"A Child's Prayer" (higher "chords") found HERE

"Families Can be Together Forever" (advanced accents, but you can always cut some of the notes to make it easier) found HERE

The melody of "I am a Child of God" found HERE (source: http://intheleafytreetopsthebirdssing.blogspot.com/2013/01/i-am-child-of-god-bell-chart.html)

"My Heavenly Father Loves Me" found HERE

"Christmas Bells" with descant found HERE
My design of "Christmas Bells - Descant" found HERE
A slight variation on the melody of "Christmas Bells" found HERE
*Please feel free to take and use any of this to benefit your own Primary :)

And in case it is helpful, HERE is a tutorial on how to make your own bell music!

Feel free to share your creations/finds! :D

P.S. You can find out what handbells I use in the Overview HERE

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